Joint Workshop in Psychotherapy – LOVE METHOD (Jan 2018)


Hong Kong Academy of Naturopathy



HKAN Course #:NM1G(= ANMCB Elective 5 credits)

Hong Kong Academy of Naturopathy (HKAN) and Belgium LOVE METHOD Institute ( jointly organized the “LOVE METHOD” workshop in Hong Kong

Mental health has become a worldwide health issue for decades, according to DSM-V mental health assessment, about 25% of the population are suffering from different level of mental health issues. Most of the psychosomatic problems are originated from stress (the silent killer), interpersonal relationships and intrinsic disturbance of consciousness:

Do you recognize one of these feelings or situations?

-  Lack of self confidence and trusting oneself

-  Chronic bad temper, irritability

-  Perfectionism, a compulsion to be always in control, thinking that other people are stupid and inefficient

-  Difficulty to connect with others, poor work relations, in constant and futile search for loving relationships, loneliness, fear of rejection, insecurity, stuck in a destructive relationship

-  Negative view of life, feeling dysfunctional

-  Low energy, lack of concentration, feeling overworked or burnt out, always pressured for time, fear of failure

-  Health problems, headaches, proneness to injury or accidents, difficulty in conceiving, poor nutrition behavior, insomnia, dyslexia, being poor at languages or math

-  Persistent lack of money, having desires but being unable to fulfill them, a nagging feeling that life is against you


Drug development failed to meet the needs of patients. However, the conventional psychotherapy require basic knowledge in psychology, and may take some time to get familiar with the complicate protocol and treatment skills.

With more than 30 years of clinical counselling experience, Dr. Marina Riemslagh developed a comprehensive and practical psychotherapeutic program – “The LOVE METHOD”. Without going through complicated psychophysics or Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, The LOVE METHOD focuses on the communication between consciousness and subconsciousness with love as enhancer. By connecting the left and right brain, together with supportive and affirming types of thought and talk, you find the most effective ways to break through disturbing patterns. This is very effective in managing stress in your work, study and interpersonal skill. No pre-request of basic psychological knowledge required. Learners can easy master this psychotherapy skill, and can conduct self-test and stress relief without the help of others.


Course content


The workshop is conducted by Dr. Marina Riemslagh in English (with Cantonese translation)

-  Ph. D in Relational Ethic (Belgium K.U.Leuven) 

-  LOVE METHOD course founder (Belgium)

-  Certified CPE Supervisor, trained in psychodrama, trainer in communication, ethicist

Course Date

23~26 Jan 2018 (Tue to Fri) 9:30am to 5:30pm (28 lecture hours) 

Introductory day: 20 Jan 2018 (Sat) 2pm to 5pm 



Activity room 704, Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong, 3 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong


Course Fee (including lecture notes)

Before 1 Dec 2017: Member HK$8,800-,Non-member HK$9,000-

From 1 Dec 2017: HK$9,600-

Enrolment:up to 40

Deadline of application: 31 Dec 2017



Complete the course application form with the following information – Course code:NM1G, Course title:LOVE METHOD workshop, together with the course fee payment record (refer to the application form) and mail to or email to HKAN office.

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